We are very excited about the result of our first trial in offering foreign students with the intention of starting a career in Japan a free and casual seminar, where they get useful knowledge about Career Design, Leadership Model and Emotional Intelligence. The relaxed atmosphere motivated the students to engage freely, which lead to an interactive and spontaneous exchange. They also got the chance to go through a short job interview simulation for University graduates, where Mister Takeuchi (our CEO with over 30 years of experience in Human Ressource) overtook the role of the kind interviewer:)

According to the students feedback our Ryugakusei Career Café was able to help them prepare and be aware of necessary aspects regarding the Japanese Corporate Culture, which made us very happy to hear!

We are looking forward to our next monthly seminar in Shinbashi. 

Albert Kurti


Impressions from participants:

S. M. from Myanmar

It was one of the best decisions I made to join this interactive HR course.
It was really helping for students like us,where the graduation is around the corner and needs to find a job very soon in Japan.
This course not only teach us how to prepare for group interview(common style in Japan) but also gave the insights how the interviewers think and decide throughout the interview.

H. K. from Myanmar

It was a very productive talk. The agenda and facilitation conducted by the team is really smooth. It was easy to catch up important notes in job hunting. The best part was practicing ajob interview with Sensei. Moreover, getting to know the feedback by other participants was really useful to us. Really thankful for inviting us.

L. K. from Canada

It was nice to be able to interact and have discussions with other people who face similar situations in the Japanese job market. Practicing Japanese styled job interviews was an interesting experience and sure to come in handy in the future.

C. F. from Brazil

I’ve been to the Ryugakusei Career Cafe and even for me who is already in mid career was very useful. Takeuchi-sensei is very kind and has a deep understanding of how job searching works here in Japan. The lecture was also dynamic and everyone could express its own ideas. Really recommend it!

Y. Y. from China

So glad to be invited to the Carreer Cafe. Knowing more information about Japanese style of interview and how to prepare it.
Takeuchi sensei is always so patient and helpful.
Though his imitate interview practice, I feel more close to the real seek employment atmosphere. I will promote my CV though sensei’s suggestions.
Thanks to all the participants, they provided me with more open view and know myself more clearly. Thanks to Albert for your real good organization!

L. N. (United States)

It was a pleasure to attend the international student career cafe hosted by McKen. I learned a great deal about leadership and how it is not a static role, but rather changes based on situations. The seminars are definitely useful for those who aren’t too sure about their attributes!