We were very happy to re-open the Ryugakusei Career Café seminar this June with an online edition accessible for international students from all around Japan !
With a new distribution of courses, we aim to help develop in-depth the knowledge of Japanese business customs and regulations and the leadership skills of students seeking a career in Japan.
The MRCC has been renewed with a three sections format each focusing on a different aspect with both teaching and practical exercises : the Japanese employment system, the typical hiring procedures and interview advices, and the design of a career plan based on the leadership style evaluation method.
The results of the first seminar held were very promising. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with motivated and dynamic international students. With the knowledge and expertise in human resources of our CEO Mr. Takeuchi, participants were able to discover the main components of the Japanese management system and share their refreshing viewpoints and pertinent thoughts, particularly on the lifetime commitment and seniority systems.
We are looking forward to our next seminar, to be held online by the end of July, in which we will discuss the actual process of applying for a job in Japan and advise students on how to stand out as a candidate through practical exercises !

Victoire Lo Iacono – ビクトアレ ロイヤコノ

Screen-shot picture of the event held online (06/28)