Again we were able to gather talented and open minded international students from different universities here in Tokyo for our monthly McKEN Ryugakusei Career Café in Shinbashi, where in addition to our regular seminar program this time our CEO emphasized on the importance of recognizing your own leadership style and how useful it can be to adjust it to the situation in order to avoid team unproductivity and inner unbalance.

We are looking forward to welcome all of you, who are interested in starting a career in Japan after your studies👔🇯🇵.

Albert Kurti


Pictures from 2nd McKEN Ryugakusei Career Café


Impressions from participants:

T. S. (Netherlands):

I liked the Ryugakusei Career Cafe a lot because I was able to meet some people who are genuinely focussed on their career. This truly motivates me to give it my all when it comes to finding a job in Japan.

S. A. (Brazil):

In two hours we had a very good talk about working in Japan and how companies need professionals who can speak English nowadays. It was so interesting for me and I really hope that in the future I will be able to work in one of these international fashion companies here in Japan.

T. O. (Canada):

I had a great time today here at the McKEN Ryugakusei Career Cafe as we were able to collaborate with people from different nations. We all have different ideologies and cultures so it was interesting to see how each and everyone’s leadership styles ended up. This is a great place for those who’re interested in working within the Japanese field who have little to no knowledge when it comes to basic EQ competencies.

L. N. (United States)

It was a pleasure to attend the international student career cafe hosted by McKen. I learned a great deal about leadership and how it is not a static role, but rather changes based on situations. The seminars are definitely useful for those who aren’t too sure about their attributes!